An explanation of Richard and Mortimer

The Council of Richards

The council of ricks are the ruling power in the citadel of Ricks.
The citadel of ricks is the main safe heaven for Ricks around the galaxy (most of them are wanted for crimes).
The council of Ricks is comprised of the most intelligent Ricks aside from Rick c-137 as he was seen as too outlandish and contradicted the idea of the citadel of Ricks.
Rick c-137 and his Morty were banned from ever entering the citadel of Ricks after an incident in which the leader of the Counil of Ricks was shot dead by Rick himself.
Rick c-137 conciders himself the Rickiest of Ricks as no Rick with any intelligence would seek safety of other Ricks (Rick is selfish) There are infinite Ricks no naturally there are `slow Ricks`. These Ricks are sent to sidekick classes that are mostly attended by Morty's and are lead by Professor Ricks.
The Citadel also has a Jerry nursery (this is where Jerry's go when they find there way to the citadel of Ricks.) As well as a Morty dispenser.
The newly trained Morty's are packaged and then sent to the Morty Dispenser.
When a Rick loses his Morty or requests a new one htey go to the Morty Dispenser.

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