Types of Guitars

Skill Level - Amateur or Advanced
If you are a new player who is looking for an instrument to learn on, you may not want to spend too much on a high-end acoustic guitar just yet. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, there is a wide selection of good, low- to mid-range acoustic guitars to choose from. But maybe you are an experienced player who is ready to upgrade to a better guitar. In that case, it is important to know the difference between tonewoods and how the soundboard effects resonance.
Purpose - Acoustic-Electrics Expand Your Options
Will you be playing with a band, or taking your guitar to public events such as open mic nights? If so, you may want to consider an acoustic-electric guitar. Acoustic-electric guitars are equipped with a pickup and a built-in preamplifier which allows them to be plugged into an amplifier or sound system without distorting their rich, acoustic sound, and without limiting your mobility while you play. When not plugged in, they play and sound just like other acoustic guitars. These hybrid guitars continue to increase in popularity with performers, and Musician's Friend offers a wide range of acoustic-electric guitars to match any budget. Whether you’re playing at home or in public, solo or with a band, just starting or upgrading - make sure you consider what you need from a guitar, and how much you have to spend, before you start shopping.

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