Tara: Tara is a Marine biologist for the Fighting Fish foundation. She is Thai, with short brown hair. She uses the tools given to her by the Fighting Fish foundation in order to restore coasts and save animals. It is currently unknown how or why she joined Overwatch.
Her intro cinematic might go something like this: Dusk falls on Arun Town , and Tara with a group of her co workers enter the town. They go and sit down at an outdoor restaurant. A man dressed poorly enters. He goes to the cash register and pulls out an energy pistol, carefully aiming it at the unfortunate employee's head. "Give me the money!" "Everyone to your knees!" The cashier presses the panic button, too loudly. The man advances, muttering about how he will shoot this man before he gets caught. With a burst of energy, Tara swings her gun, firing a laser at the robber. It strikes him, encompassing him in a harmless bubble. He drifts around, slamming the walls of the bubble, while she stares at her gun in new found appreciation.
Her role is Support, with a emphasis on denying enemy pushes using her Bubble, and denying the enemy picks with her healing and mobility.
Health: 200, 50 of which are shields.
Passive: Slippery Speed: Moves slightly faster than normal (half of Genji's bonus.) Take 10% less damage when moving, and deal 10% less damage when moving. These numbers become 33% when using Slide Heels.
Primary: Pellet Pulser: Fire 5 energy pellets per button press. Each deals 5 damage. 30 ammo per clip. Shortish reload time.
Secondary: Slide Heels: Tara activate her shoes, boosting her speed by 40% when active. Uses a resource meter with 4 seconds of continous use. Takes 6 seconds to fully fill. .5 second icd on deactivating and reactivating.
Ability 1: Healing Drone: Target the nearest ally, and activate. Launches a drone made for coastal repairs and animal healing. It will hover over target area, gealing allies within a 1.5m radius. Looks like a fish (can't do pictures justice, follow link on top.) Heals 30 hps. Up to two active at a time. 5 second cooldown per drone.
Ability 2: Bubble: Fire a laser from your Pellet Pulser, dealing 10 damage. Upon hitting an enemy, they become encompassed in a bubble that take 400 damage to break for 2 seconds. During this time, they float up into the air and can control the direction they drift. 6 second cooldown.
Ultimate: Torpal Restoration: All drones become deactive. Both go to targeted spot, circling it and firing beams of water. Radius is that of a slightly larger Meteor Strike. For 10 seconds, allies within this radius heal 70 hps, and enemies within it are pushed out of it gently. Increases ally movement speed in it by 20%.