Overwatch has many seaonal events, one of which is the winter wonderland (christmas) event. During this event many maps become christmas themed and as you'll have come to expect from seasonal events by now, there'll no doubt be a load of new - and old - festive items to unlock from Loot Boxes, as well as a special Mei-themed PVP encounter to overcome. Be warned that you'll need quick wits to come out on top in this particular snowball fight though.... Now that we're approaching the start of December, we thought it was high time we overhauled our Winter Wonderland guide to make sure it was ready for the 2017 version of the event. We've tidied up everything in the article so you can catch up on what happened last year, and we will of course update it with all the latest information on this year's event as soon as it becomes available. For the sake of getting this article together, we're going to assume that Blizzard will continue following the same pattern when it comes to recycling old events. That means a return of last year's skins at a reduced price, a lot more new skins at a much higher cost, a return of Mei's Snowball Offensive - perhaps with a twist - and lots of other minor cosmetic unlocks. Expect these to make a comeback at a discounted price, along with a lot more new - and more expensive - skins to work towards during the event.
Andes Lucio
Scrooge McCree
Mei-rry Mei
Frostbite Pharah
Shiver Reaper
Rudolph Roadhog
Peppermint Sombra
Santaclad Torbjorn
Jingle Tracer
Yeti Winston
Frosted Zarya
Nutcracker Zenyatta