Big Shaq Custom Jackets

Return Address
Mans Not Hot Road,
107 Big Shaq Mansion,
+44 078965437

After Purchase of Jackets Returns are avilable if;
-Jackets are Clean.
-Jackets Have not been in an area that could possibly change the size eg. washing machine.
-Jackets have not been used in rough weather
-Jackets smell clean
-It has been no longer than two months since the purchase
-A confidation is provided (in envolope with the jacket)
-Jackets will be returned with a full refundor the option of replacement
-if Jackets are damaged in any way make sure to keep it in the plastic wrap until returned.

Add To Cart
we accept the following payments;
-Debit Cards of any type
-Lloyds credit cards
-Halifax credit cards
-Barclays credit cards
-any credit cards of the american/canadian type
if payments are recieved not to the full extent no jacket will be sent to your location and your money will be kept.