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I joined computing in the middle of Year 12, so it felt weird for a while to be put into a new class, learning about databases with no clue what was going on (not like it was needed at all anyway). Since we were online for so much of it, I don't think we really got the chance to get on as a class until Year 13. We spent weeks waiting for databases to be set up, going over every past paper in existence and playing amongus. We had some fun competition with Bebras and the Olympiad and I remember spending hours on a problem that was too complicated to be solved. Many plans died in that class too - no balloon was sent up and no revision site was ever made (*cough*).

I'll end up remembering the last few weeks of computing the most - hearing "it would have been easier if you just sat the exams" every lesson, engaged in idle chatter and doing nothing productive but playing games. Thank you Mr Stayte and Mr Doidge (and Mr Lee for the few weeks you taught me) for helping us get there and for all the fun things we did along the way.


Abid Ali

Despite a few comings and goings in terms of classmates, our A Level Computer Science class was essentially made up of a group of friends. This made it easy for us to muddle through harder (or not especially fascinating) content without finding it too mind-numbing. This was especially noticeable in Year 13 when some of us (most notably, me) found some of the content rather baffling and had it wonderfully explained by others on the whiteboard.

In addition to gaining essential and life-enriching Computer Science knowledge over these two years, our class has also mastered the art of the useless chat, and has analysed the likelihood of the government distributing firearms in the event of a zombie apocalypse. These conversations and random ideas will form some of my favourite memories from Sixth Form, even if they didn't exactly further our education. We never got our Computer Science school trip, but I think the amount of time we spent doing things other than Computer Science probably made up for it.

As we were the first A Level class to be run by the Computer Science department, Mr Stayte and Mr Lee (and then Mr Doidge of course) had quite the challenge on their hands. I think we can safely say that they pulled it off rather well, despite the unexpected global pandemic. From boolean algebra to floating-point binary (whatever the hell that is), our teachers never failed to keep it interesting and save us from crippling boredom. So I say thank you to Mr Stayte, thank you to Mr Doidge, thank you to Mr Lee, and thank you to the class for a unique two years.


Jay Pasricha

These two years have been my first time studying in another country and I really enjoyed it. I was so stressed at the start of my time in sixth form as it was a completely different environment for me. I still remember my first lesson with Mr. Lee where I even did not know how to define a function in Python. There were so many good times in these two years and I am so grateful for being able to do Computer Science with such a nice class. I like the comfortable environment in the class even when we were not doing anything related to our coursework. I will never forget our times together playing amongus as well as the card game (can't remember the name) we played in the last week before half term and I will also remember the times where we did those computing competitions and endless past papers together. Thank you Mr. Stayte, Mr. Doidge and Mr. Lee for your patience while teaching me. It was a shame that I could not be in school for the last week. I will fondly remember my time here with all of you guys and hope to see you all again in the future. Good luck everyone.


Kang Shen

For me, being able to write more complicated code and discuss these ideas are some of my highlights during computing. Tuning in and out of mindless conversations while doing work is something I valued a lot during these lessons and provided a comfortable class atmosphere for me. I almost decided to go to another college to do computing, but being able to do it here, even if we were in the first year, is something I am very grateful for. Being respected for sharing my ideas about electronics and becoming the Bebras Champion showed me how everyone in this class really understood and admired me. Despite this I still see my classmates as equals as we had many enjoyable discussions and debates throughout our time together. It has been a lot of fun studying computing thanks to Mr Stayte, Mr Doidge and Mr Lee and I hope they enjoyed teaching us as well.


Matthew Chimbwandira

Computer science made the cut over French but having to listen to Matthew Chimbwandira made me regret my decision. Learning to program with Lee will never be matched, his practical approach to headbutting the computer when it doesn't work will be with me for life. I hope that one day Stayte's drama A level will allow him his dream on Broadway and that he may achieve an A level in computer science. Doidge had a good short innings with some quality pick up lines we've all memorised. We'll all be back in 10 years to see how Abid's bot is going, laugh at Stayte, and finish off our space programme. It's been a lot of fun.


Nicholas Ross

Well, well, well, it seems that my grand idea of not creating the revision site and instead leaving it for a final message site is finally coming to fruition (Even though this was completely Abid's idea). Computer science has always been a subject that I have enjoyed but I could have never imagined the reality of how much fun I would have over my time computing at PGS. I loved being able to spend these last 2 years with a group of good friends having a laugh and working through complex BIO questions on the whiteboard and crying when the answer is right infont of them how stup- sorry got a bit side tracked there. I loved how no matter how petty we could always complain to Mr Stayte and cause him to get into a huff and a puff. I also loved how my row was the only row not pretending as if they were doing any work and just instead just did no work and chatted mindlessly while the others listened.

From head-desk slams, haircuts, movies and a never ending supply of Past Papers, these past years really have been a rollercoaster and I can only thank those that have laid out the foundation for all the memories that have been made. Thank you Mr Stayte, Mr Doidge and Mr Lee for all you have done for us and the school and hope you have had as much fun this year as we have.


Sarnaz Hossain