commie vs cap Usa is lyfe Soviet lil' union Shrek is here to be advice

After Germany and Japan surrender, World War 2 ends. Although during 1945 hostilities between east and West Europe were low, in 1946 Stalin brought hostilities back as he said communism and capitalism. Were “incompatible”. The berlin Wall is constructed which is a large cement wall that divided East and West Germany During the Soviet Unions reign from post war all the way to 1989. The cold war, although wasn't a direct war, was fought by many battles. In this Website you will find crirical events in human history caused by a capitalist-Commie clash.

Shrek was in the cold war in the form of cat shrek. He sat at home with George washington and ate cheerios all day. Cat Shrek boosted morale in West and East Germany as him and George became gypsies. When Hitler Chan came along one day Shrek instantly fell in love. George was abnandoned in a gutter and left for dead. If you were Bill Clinton would you have authorised the manhatten project?