Percy Jackson

In the percy jackson series a unsespecting boy called Pecry Jackson is attaked by a bat winged demon. This sparks off a struggle to find Zueses lightnig bolt which ends in Percy beating the person who stole it. Percy Jackson realises he has water powers and that hs father is posiden Greek god of the sea.The next books follow his adventures from this point forwards. The books lead to the point where after many struggles Percy fights the Titan lord Kronos in the gods mountain palace Olympus. This is where he acts out the prophecy given to him by the oracle of Delphi.

You should read this series because it is suprisingly funny. The titles are incredible and the book shows a very large amount of wit. The plot is gripping and always makes you want to read more. This series is very addictive and I reccomend not only this series but the ones afer it and before it as well.

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