The 5 best school book series of all time!

The best book series of all time are as follows in decending order of which is the best The Inheritance cycle, Heroes of Olympus, Percy Jacksons and the Olympians, The wardstone chronicles and the starblade chronicles. The series have lots of books in them. The Inheritance cycles books are Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance. In The heroes of Olymps the books are The lost hero, The son of Neptune, The mark of Athena, The house of Hades and The blood of Olympus. In Percy Jackson and the Olympians is The lightning thief, The sea of monsters, The Titans curse, The battle of the labyrinth and The last Olympian. The wardstone chronicles has 15 books in it. They are The spooks apprentice, The spooks curse, The spooks battle, The spooks mistake, The spooks sacrifice, The spooks nightmare, The spooks destiny, Spooks I am Grimalken, The Spooks blood, Spooks Slithers tale, Spooks Alice, The Spooks revenge, The spooks secret and The spooks bestiary. The Starblade chronicles has 3 books in it. This is the series after the wardstone chronicles. The books are Spooks A new darkness, Spooks The dark army, Spooks Dark assain. Here are some links to other helpful websites.

Percy Jackson The inheritance cycle