The Inhertence cycle

In the inheritance cycle a boy called Eragon finds a dragon egg while hunting. This egg causes him to go on many adventures finally leading to Brisingr the 3rd book in the series. In this book Eragon (who had gained then lost a incredibly powerful sword) is looking for a new weapon. The book goes through his struggles to find the right weapon. Eragon almost dies sevrall times because of his lac of the correct weapon but eventully he finds the elf that made the riders swords (incredbly pwerful weapons that can't be controlled by magic and are unbreakable) but the elf can't create one for him because of a lack of the correct material. He then finds the material and rushes back to the Varden (rebles who oppose Galbatorix)to help them win a battle.

This book series is unlike mot others. This is because it combines a thrilling plot with its own brand of magic while putting in strict restriction in the magc which stop it's users from being to powerful.Also Eragon has to overcome most of these restrictions to go through the book. This along with the fact it has a very gripping story line (so gripping I cried at the last book) makes it the best book series in the world. It is also incredibly long. It took me a week to get through each book and a month to read the series and I read each book in the Harry Potter series in two days. Each book was amazing but the best one was Brisinger.

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