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The Football League 100 Legends is a list of 100 great association football players who played part
or all of their professional career in English Premier season of League football.
[1] The players were selected by a panel of journalists, including veteran reporter Bryon Butler,
and the list was intended to reflect the League's history by including players from throughout the
preceding 99 seasons. The Football League also announced plans for a gala dinner later in the season
at which surviving legends would receive a specially commissioned award.
The list includes 34 players who began their playing careers before the Second World War, 37 who began their careers
between the end of the war and 1980, and 29 whose professional careers began after that date. At the time of the list's
publication, six of the legends were still active, all playing in the Premier League. As of the 2013–14 season, Ryan Giggs
is the most recent player to be put on this list. All 100 of the legends played in The Football League with the exception of
Dennis Bergkamp, who did not begin playing in England until after the Premier League replaced the Football League as the highest
level of the English football league system in 1992.