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Conspiracy of the day: Illuminati

Picture of the illuminati symbol

The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, corparations and other influential members of our planet. This includes Disney, Lady Gaga and many others. The Illuminati create an illusion of free will in the western world, and plan to find their way into every county, by murders, bribes, and threats. The orginisation was founded in 1776 with the evil intent to infiltrate the Monachy. They were said to of been destroyed in 1785, by if you do the research you can find that this is just a red herring created by them so people thought they no longer active... But they lived on...

The Illuminati use strange symbols, such as the pyrimid, the eye, the light and the eternal circle. These such symbols draw upon forces of evil, and are used in thier greusome blood rituals. Many celebraties have been used as blood sacrifices, and have been covered up as normal deaths or suicides. The eye represents the all seeing eye, as they watch us all the time and through everything, so i suggest covering up your microphone and camera with tape.

dollar bill all-seeing eye new world order speech proof disney is illuminati