Big Shaq Custom Jackets

Return Address
Mans Not Hot Road,
107 Big Shaq Mansion,
+44 078965437

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About Our Coats
Our Jackets are made with 100% real fur in the hoods.
Our lining is 99% silk and 1% non smel.ling condensed
milk.the jackets are NOT waterproof, they do however
have a great amount of warmth. They are summer style
wear, cause u know, Mans Not Hot 'n that.Our Jackets
are replicas of the Legend that is Big Shaq, we have
many different colours but the most authentic being
the black as that is the one featured in the meme.
We only have ONE available jacket thta has been worn
and signed by Big Shaq Himself.(now sold out)
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After Purchase of Jackets Returns are avilable if;
-Jackets are Clean.
-Jackets Have not been in an area that could possibly change the size eg. washing machine.
-Jackets have not been used in rough weather
-Jackets smell clean
-It has been no longer than two months since the purchase
-A confidation is provided (in envolope with the jacket)
-Jackets will be returned with a full refundor the option of replacement
-if Jackets are damaged in any way make sure to keep it in the plastic wrap until returned.

we accept the following payments;
-Debit Cards of any type
-Lloyds credit cards
-Halifax credit cards
-Barclays credit cards
-any credit cards of the american/canadian type
if payments are recieved not to the full extent no jacket will be sent to your location and your money will be kept.